Protect the Peoples Emergency (PPE) Partnership Fund

Distributing COVID-19 Emergency PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Masks and Supplies to Native Nations’ Medics and Communities

The infection and death rate on the Navajo Nation alone is 10 times higher than the state of Arizona, despite the fact that the tribe reported its first case of Coronavirus 51 days after Arizona. This scenario is playing out all across Indian Country. The PPE partnership came together to help, but we can’t do it without you.

Background photo by Deidra Peaches 
Navajo & Hopi Families COVID 19 Relief Fund volunteers unloading water donated by Jason Mamoa
Photo by Deidra Peaches. Navajo & Hopi Families COVID 19 Relief Fund volunteers unloading water donated by Jason Mamoa.

Help us raise $200,000 to provide Native American communities and medical staff personal protection equipment (PPE) including N95, KN95 and surgical masks, gowns, gloves, medical-grade disinfectant liquids and wipes, medical equipment, and other community needs. Every dollar we raise will go to those most in need. 

Why the Coronavirus is so Deadly for Native American Communities

The Indian Health Service (IHS), tribal and urban medical clinics lack the staffing, equipment and capacity to treat Coronavirus patients. Already underfunded, these facilities cannot compete with private hospitals in a bidding war for critically needed PPE. State and Federal COVID-19 support is slow to reach Indian Country, despite the increased risk factors faced in many Native communities—including alarming rates of diabetes, heart disease and other pre-existing medical conditions. Poverty, access to clean water and food scarcity are also factors. During the 2009 Swine Flu, the death rate for Native Americans was 5 times higher than other Americans—and Coronavirus is proving to be no different.

"You're telling people, 'Wash your hands for 20 seconds multiple times a day,' and they don't have running water. Or you're saying, 'Go buy groceries for 2-3 weeks and shelter in place and don't come out,' but people can't afford groceries for 2-3 weeks. So it's just a setup for frustration and concern by the population here."
Loretta Christensen
Chief Medical Officer for the Navajo Nation

Direct Distribution

Working by Zoom from across the country, the PPE partners have created an Emergency Pipeline including sourcing, purchasing and distributing PPE to medical facilities and communities most in need throughout Indian Country.  Through our collective network of allies we have identified reputable and certified sources for securing masks from abroad and within the US. We have identified Native health facilities to receive large shipments of PPE. We are also working to facilitate tribes and health services to order directly from these same suppliers. 

As an interested donor, if you have a question please write to this email address:  [email protected]

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